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Why an organization should implement an in person group facilitated Essay

Why an organization should implement an in person group facilitated patient orientation program for patients diagnosed with cancer - Essay Exampleown that such stress of the potential patients attending in an outpatient cancer clinic can be amplified by several factors experienced in such clinics. Some of these are long waiting time, lack of information, absence of psychosocial care, and paucity of communication between care personnel and the patients. Stress in such situations can be ameliorated considerably since part of this stress is self-inflicted, part due to reasons that may be corrected or reverted, and part real. Moreover stress can impact the outcome in such patients in case a positive diagnosis may be made. If an intervention can be designed and implemented which can alleviate this stress of first-time visit to a outpatient cancer clinic, it could be instrumental in generating better patient outcome and client satisfaction which may align to the organizational goal of providing quality care to such patients through measures which have positive benefits over costs incurred (Gallant and Coutts, 2003).With the background that such patients have several physical, psychological, and educational challenges leading to considerable negative emotions, an intervention can be designed which employs principles of group psychology and educational approaches with the aim to ameliorate stress and negative emotions. At the minimal level, the goal may be to facilitate information exchange where facilities of treatment, actual nature of the disease, available resources at different stages of the management so the patients at least can be assured about the positive aspects that can be accessed, and the patients may be encouraged to conquer the fear about the unknown. These pieces of information can be graphically designed in the form of a printed handbook and all can be recorded in an interactive DVD. The patients who are not able to attend in person can access these if the hospital authority mails this along with the handbook to the prospective patient who demonstrates interests. The sessions may occur in the

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